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Easy amenity ideas to add to your Airbnb to give guests a 5-star experience that won’t break the bank.

These ideas are non-essential but so, so easy to implement.

airbnb amenities
We also LOVE the idea of robes provided! (Kim and a friend)

Oprah has her favorite things, and so do we.

We want to be able to spoil guests in way that they want for nothing during their stay. We want guests to arrive back to their permanent residence after traveling and rave about the most amazing vacation or stay they just had and can’t wait to rebook for their next trip. 

The following amenities ideas are affordable and thoughtful. We wanted to share a list that could be implementing with ease. STR owners don’t have to always come up with ultra-creative ideas, but merely solve the minor inconveniences of life.

1. Portable fans

People love the sound, soft hum of a fan. It helps them sleep. Others want to feel the air current to put them at ease and cool them off. Either way, a portion of your guests will be grateful. See. Easy as promised.

2. Lamps with USB charging ports

What an easy way to for guests to charge their phones! No more scrambling to find the charging cube to plug into the wall. Many lamps come with charging ports now.

3. Towel warmers

A towel warmer is a nice touch, especially in cooler months or colder climates. It’s that same feeling of grabbing a soft towel out of a dryer. You just hug it sometimes because it feels so good! Oh wait, maybe that’s just us. Either way, it’s under $200 and can be a rack or bucket style. These devices just plug in to the nearest outlet.

4. Motion lights for closets

Installing wired-in motion lights can be complicated, but battery-operated or rechargeable motion lights are affordable. If you can maintain the batteries or the charge, someone experiencing illumination upon opening a door is a nice touch.

5. Outdoor string lights with timer

Who doesn’t love string lights? They are just plain fun. If you put the lights on a timer, you will never fail to impress the guest to a well-lit property with some pizzazz. This image is from one of Kim’s short-term rental in Tennessee. It is adorable and inviting.

amenity ideas

6. Power strips or outlets with USB charging ports

Again, another affordable amenity to make your guests life easier. Guests that have to work remotely will like the power strip. Some rentals don’t have enough available outlets for the various electronic devices needing power: computers, cameras, phones, tablets, etc.

7. Plug in flashlights that don’t need batteries

How handy is this? There are many instances where a flashlight would be much appreciated after dark when walking around the exterior of the unfamiliar property. Consider taking out the trash at night. It could even be considered a step to make your property safer. Perhaps guests want to go on an evening/dark stroll. They will feel much more comfortable with a flashlight.

8. Make-up wipes, Q-tips, cotton balls

For less than $1.00 per guest, you can make their beauty and personal hygiene routine much easier! They will be grateful. It’s the small things, even as small as a cotton ball.

9. Zip Locks, plastic wrap, aluminum foil

Sometimes rentals lack in the kitchen items we consider basic in our own. Make guest feel at home with the added stock. We have personally used a plastic grocery sack to wrap a sandwich at rental because no better solutions were available.

10. Local gift

Is there a special souvenir in your location that a guest would love to take home? Maybe a postcard or sticker would be an easy freebie for them and an affordable amenity for you to purchase. Many owners find a local baker or confectioner and leave a small bag of treats for the guest.

11. Basic office supplies

Stationary, pad of paper, pen, pencil, ring light, elevated laptop stand. There is so much you can provide to make an amazing office space for not much money. As long as it can be kept clutter free, a basic office set up is a nice touch.

airbnb coffee bar

12. Coffee bar

Most guests will drink coffee or tea. Wow them with not just a coffee maker but a coffee bar! Items needed for the coffee bar could include: a drip maker, Keurig, grinder, French press, beans, ground, pods, creamer, sugar, syrups, filters, stirrers, to-go cups, fun or stylish mugs. The bar can be displayed stylishly and set you apart from other rentals.

13. Extra everything: towels, toilet paper, trash bags

Providing one roll of toilet paper makes you look stingy. Have backups for your guest. Certain regions have different expectations. Tune into your area expectations and take it one step further if possible. Always let guests know how many of these amenities are provided so they can be prepared.

amenities for short term rental

14. Pantry Staples

Consider basic pantry staples: cooking spray, spices, butter, oil, flour, sugar. It can make your guest feel cared for or relived when they try to cook something like eggs and realize they forgot cooking spray. When they open your pantry, they can rest assured!

15. Refreshments

Provide simple pre-packaged snacks, chilled water, other beverages or a bottle of wine to make your guests feel like they are in a 5-star hotel.

Some of these affordable amenities are one-time investments while others are recurring. Consider adding up the extra cost of the recurring amenities and raising your nightly stay to cover the cost. Chances are, it will only be a few dollars higher. If you need help with more amenity ideas check out our Courses page and Coaching page!


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