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Launching and managing an Airbnb or VRBO can be scary. There are so many unknowns.  Kim & Britt have learned countless lessons along the way–lessons we wish someone could have told us from the beginning.

We have a unique approach to helping you.  The most important aspect is you to feel comfortable with us. This is real life teaching and coaching from hands on experience.  It is our goal to NOT be intimidating and assure you that with a little help, you can take off with your STR business with confidence. 

We cover both perspectives: 1. Remotely managing the rental 2. The in person maintenance of the property. That is what makes us unique.  Its a full circle approach. 

When you learn to master both sides of managing and maintaining your rental, you are setting yourself up for success and profitable venture!  Isn’t that the reason you started your STR journey in the first place!



I want to run an Airbnb remotely


I want expert support in running my vacation rental


I want to prevent costly mistakes from my STR


I want to save time and automate my rental


Navigating the world of Airbnb and VRBO can be daunting and overwhelming. Trusting others to maintain your investment is one of the greatest challenges and can cost you a lot of time and money.

Let’s put that money back in  your pocket and the Tylenol back in the medicine cabinet. We can also have some laughs along the way.  STR ownership can be fun–we promise! 



 After a divorce left me in financial ruin, I funneled my drive and energy into Short Term Rentals and turned my hardship around.  Many around me didn’t understand what I was doing.  But, the naysayers soon asked my for advice after I retired myself from teaching in five short years–all from STR revenue. I did this as a single mom on a teaching salary! The journey from newly divorced to newly retired has been one heck of a ride.  I now own STRs in 4 different states which is wild.  If I found a way, so can you.

I love travel and to nerd out on self-education. In my younger years, I was a 2-sport college athlete which help develop my character and drive. I believe that all people can succeed with the right tools, guidance and mindset. As I grew in experience, I began to help others get into the STR industry and elevate their strengths, I now help guide others like you helping grow your personal success. I have managed properties for others and have used management companies.

I didn’t have a one-stop educational source to find all the STR  content and connections I needed as I was embarking on this journey to quit teaching and change the trajectory of my life. I had to waste hours and days and weeks of my life sifting through content and courses, weeding out the bad as I searched for the good.

Through that, I decided to create an easier way for you to follow in my footsteps and focus on what matters when beginning to self-manage your properties: more income in your pocket and fewer obstacles.  I have gathered all I have learned and packaged it up for you in a way that is simple, user friendly and offers massive value.  Now, I spend more time with my children, friends and doing things like playing basketball–yes, I am in a men’s basketball league and can still kick some you know what!




 I’ve always believed in taking the risk–like moving my family across the country on a gut feeling!

Just like so many of you, I’ve had several mini-careers in the legal field, art and journalism. Our paths can wind a bit, huh?  My biggest career accomplishment began with I started serving in the home and hospitality industry. For several years while my children were in preschool,  I began cleaning residential homes for extra spending money in addition to freelance writing for local publicaitons.  In 2016, I made leap to launch our company, Blue Jay Cleaning Services. At the time, I had no idea where this would take me and my family and how the many (so many!) challenges could be turned into purpose in helping others like you. 

Blue Jay is now in 2 states, has 3 locations and are planning a 4th!  It has brought our family to Florida’s Emerald Coast as well.  We service short term rentals in all locations including a hot spot, tourist location.  I have spent THOUSANDS of hours inside the walls of STRs (and glamorously scrubbed thousands of toilets in my decade of experience) all to deliver an amazing experience for my client’s guests. Those hours equal value in teaching me what works and doesn’t work in the vacation rental world. I’m also in the works of launching my own STR and am excited to share that journey!

Through the last few years as self-management has grown in popularity, I have walked many new, overwhelmed clients like you through challenges, questions, processes and sometimes major issues.  It dawned on me that I could help so many more STR owners with my knowledge and expertise by creating this business. That’s when Kim and I came up with the Short Term Rental Source.  We are thrilled to make your STR owner experience great. It is about your time, peace and making your investment more profitable and having some fun along the way. 

I’m just a gal with an entrepreneur’s soul who loves writing, art, dogs, being a wife and mother and helping you reach your potential.  


Our podcast is a go to for FREE support on the go!  Enjoy tips, converstation, interviewes with STR experts and more.

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